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We’re Engaged!


Her name is Deborah Perry and she’s a Senior Vice President for a multi-state communications company based here in Silicon Valley. She’s essentially a California native, having lived in CA since she was only a few months old.

(and she’s an Aries)


She is amazingly generous, loving, caring, kind, happy, extroverted, liberal, and unconditionally accepting. I am extremely fortunate to have her in my life and absolutely thrilled we’re going to get married!


We met at a small, neighborhood women's bar in Cupertino earlier this year. We were immediately attracted to each other and started dating right away. She proposed about a month later. We both enjoy travel, fine wine, gourmet dining, and are now living together in the east San Francisco bay area.


As an intelligent and astute lesbian woman, when we first met, she wondered if I was born biologically female, but said it never really mattered to her because she was more interested in getting to know the authentic “Me”, than being concerned with my seemingly irrelevant medical history. See, I told you she’s AMAZING!


We plan to be married some time next September and will have the ceremony in one of the redwood groves here in northern California. And of course, there are still many, many arrangements yet to be made.


I’ll post more pictures as we continue to travel through our lives together.

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